Microsoft Office
re-imagined for the
Gig Economy

'Microsoft Office in the Gig Economy' was my graduation project done over a period of 6 months at Microsoft IDC, Hyderabad. Over the course of this internship, I worked as part of the Office on Mobile team at Microsoft, IDC.
The brief: With a growing shift to Gig Economy, entailing short term work as opposed to permanent jobs; how should Office react to sustain itself?
The world is changing. The biggest taxi company in the world owns no taxis. The biggest lease company in the world owns no property. All
users need to do is download the Uber or Airbnb app, offer their services, and get compensated
in return. With Office's mission is to enable everyone to be productive every day, every time what does this shift mean?
The purview of the project was kept open-ended with a broad, key enquiry, and no limitations to what shape and form the outcome might take. The enquiry stated: What does it take for Office to enable and sustain a gig economy environment where short-term work (gigs) become a norm, in the productivity space?
Here are a few glimpses of the journey, process and key milestones in the project. Read the full documentation for more.
RESEARCH and opportunity mapping