Videos on Bumble

Videos on Bumble let members express themselves in ways that static photos alone are unable to do. Within the constraints of a digital space, people are looking to gauge each other in more human ways, and videos is a step closer in that direction. We built an experience that lets people edit and upload videos to their profile, and view videos on others' profiles.
Designing the feature end-to-end, working closely with engineering to craft video experiences in detail.
Solo designer, with guidance from a Lead designer, 1 Content Designer, 1 Product Manager, 7+ engineers.
October 2021 - March 2022; Rolling out, launched in Germany
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Trimming the video: We built the trimmer with a lot of care to ensure it's easy to edit even long videos, and the trimmer component responds accordingly. Videos that are too long are auto-filtered in the gallery.
Pinch and zoom to crop: Bumble profiles have square aspect ratios for photos and videos. We designed the cropper accordingly to help users frame the best bit of their video in the square frame.